Robert Simmeth Fotografie - Landschaft und Natur

Creative Art and Photography

I´m based in China and started this fascinating journey in photographing when I was 16. It started with a Minolta XD 5 and a 50 mm 1.7 lens. Taking pictures from family, friends, nature, mountains etc. developing with a black and white development set from Revue. Years later I upgraded to an amazing OM4 with several lenses ranging from fish eye to 400 mm from Olympus and Tamron.

Years later I tried digital, how disappointing. Noise, battery, resolution, focus etc. This changed in 90’s, Minolta again had an affordable all in one and years later I bought my first affordable full frame Nikon D600. What a difference.

Currently I work on 2 projects. My partners of choice are an Alpha 9 and my I Phone. Let´s not be religious whether or not a mobile is a decent camera. To me it is the situation you can take a shot that matters.

Sounds all technology. Yes I´m a techy by nature discovering the beauty of colours and pictures these days.

Robert Simmeth - My passion, nature, trees, coffee, streets

I started two projects:

  • Streets & lyrics (release fall 2018)
  • Coffee places around the world as I´m found of coffee, coffee shops and the way of brewing a decent coffee. No I do not talk Starbucks. Though Starbucks does deserve the credit to have commercialized and kicked of an amazing trend I´m happy to be part of. (on going, plan to release summer 2018)

So stay tuned as this Creative Art and Photography is the start of a journey.